ASP.NET vs PHP Development: Which One is Better?

Although PHP development is a robust framework, with numerous open-source, free libraries, ASP.NET has several advantages. ASP.NET is highly beneficial for enterprise companies that prefer Microsoft technologies. Evaluate your project needs to decide between PHP development and ASP.NET development services. PHP has a vast open-source community; developers can reach out to find development solutions online. At the same time, ASP.NET has a separate community of .NET developers for assistance. This blog compares ASP.NET and PHP on different parameters like speed and performance, security, cost, support, platform dependency, etc. and pros & cons of two languages.

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State Management in ASP.Net

A new instance of the Web page class is created each time the page is posted to the server.
State Management in ASP.Net provides multiple ways to maintain state between server round trips. Which of these options you choose depends heavily upon your application

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How to read an excel file in

here you have to use OLEDB.NET data provider to connect your Excel via connection string and read using ADO.NET. I can show you here with an example. Make sure you have already installed access database engine.

I hope you ahve already created project in .NET environment so here first task is to add connection string in your web.config file as per below guideline.

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NET the lifeline of Enterprise Web Applications

Microsoft Asp.Net framework is one of the most popular development frameworks for building enterprise level web applications. Visual Studio makes theAsp.Net framework a highly popular one and easy to use the framework to create compelling applications. It is not limited to just scripting languages but allows to make use of .NET languages like C#, J#, VB, etc.

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Disable right click on web page

Sometimes it is required to prevent your web page images from being copied by another one. You can secure your images by disabling right click or by disabling image context menu on images only. This is an effective approach to prevent your images from being copied or stolen.

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Strict Transport Security in ASP.NET MVC

HTTPS is the core mechanism for accessing web resources in a secure way. One of the limitations of HTTPS is the fact that the user can manually provide a URL which doesn't contain the proper schema. In most cases, this will result in the application sending a redirect response which will tell the browser to re-request the resource using HTTPS. Unfortunately, this redirect creates a risk of a Man-in-the-Middle attack.

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Waytoweb Web design and Web development Company India

Waytoweb is a Web Design & Web Development Company. We are specializes in Web design, Web Development, software development, Mobile Application Development, Ecommerce Website Development, POS development, CMS development Company in India. Our aim is to provide high quality web design and web development services at Affordable price. Contact us today.

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