Top 10 Online Python Projects in Chennai for students


Working on some real-time Python projects can open many doors in your career and also land in some of the best career opportunities across the globe. Trying to work on Online Python projects would surely improve your skills and also make up your profile to face the competition in the field.
Where can you find Top Python Projects?
Working on projects is important to build your career as a Python program developer. They make you apply the skills and also the knowledge you are gaining.
Pantech eLearning Chennai is an Online Learning Service provider. We have a variety of Python Projects for beginners, students, engineers and also researchers.
Given below are the Top 10 Online Python Projects we are providing:
• Object Recognition using Kinect Sensor
• Human Action Recognition using Neural Networks
• Detecting Malware Websites
• Road accident Analysis and classification
• Fake News detection using machine learning
• Human activity Recognition
• Face Counting Application
• Food Calories Detection using Deep Learning
• Social Distance Monitoring System
• Exam Malpractice Detection
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