A Full Guide: Fix iPhone Could Not Be Updated Error 4000


Apple keeps releasing updates with new features and bug fixes to users. But according to users, error 4000 often happens when updating to any iOS 14 version using iTunes. The pop-up says “The iPhone ‘xx’ could not be updated. An unknown error occurred (4000).”

iPhone update error 4000, also called iTunes error 4000, is a very basic error. The main reasons for it include:

The iTunes version is outdated or older.
The system or iTunes registries are corrupted.
The iPhone has been updated with the latest iOS that is available to iTunes. That is, the current iOS on the iPhone may be newer than the one on iTunes.
Your iPhone is locked and it needs to be unlocked for an update.
iTunes installation is incomplete.
Fortunately, you can easily remove iPhone error 4000 by trying these solutions.

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How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App like Airbnb?


Travelling is one of the inevitable essentialities which we undertake for business or pleasure. However, finding affordable and homely lodging on an ad-hoc basis is a challenge. Airbnb bridges the gap between lodgers and bed-and-breakfast businesses with a viable On-demand service model. As an online marketplace for impromptu tourism activities, it digitized the transactional process between guests and ‘homestay’ establishments.

Looking to build an app like Airbnb for Android & iOS platform? Get insights into how to make an app like Airbnb & how much it will cost with WebClues.

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Best Free Ways to Convert MP3 to Video on Different Platforms


Many video-sharing websites only support uploading videos. If you try to upload MP3 to YouTube or other websites, then you will need to convert MP3 to video first. How to convert MP3 to video? The best free ways of converting MP3 to video are listed in this post!
You want to share your music or podcasts to YouTube or other websites but find these websites don’t support the audio format. How do you upload audio to video sites like YouTube? The most reliable way is to convert audio to video with a video converter like MiniTool Video Converter.

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Skoda Superb Price in India


Looking for Skoda Superb on road price in India? Check out Skoda Superb's price, mileage, reviews, images, specifications, new model, upcoming Skoda Cars, and more at autoX. Skoda Superb price start at ₹ 31.99 Lakh and goes up to ₹ 34.99 Lakh. Check out the entire Skoda Superb variants on-road price in India. Get more info on Skoda Superb new models, videos, latest news, and the up-to-date Superb four wheeler ex-showroom price.

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Top Mobile Application UI Design Trends to Follow


In the recent past we have seen wide ranging evolution in the arena of mobile app UI design and UX attributes. New things continue to come up making past UI and UX backdated but obviously, there are few aspects that stood relevant over the years. All in all, app UI has been the most vibrant area has been the subject of immense creative spurt and energy by app designers from every niche.

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Beauty & Wellness Services App Development Cost and Key Features


Innovation has made a huge difference. It has changed the method of working, the perspective, way of life, and more. Whether it's schooling, medical care, or automobile, innovation is being used everywhere for the useful motivation behind solving issues. Through this, we can discover more promising approaches to complete multiple things in a day without any hassle.

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The Topmost VPN Deals and Services Nowadays


Are you looking for the best VPN deals and services? If yes, then explore this blog to find the top 8 VPN services and deals. We have listed some best VPN service providers and their amazing deals along with that we also mentioned the prices, pros & cons.

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Mobile App Development Disruption by Blockchain: Ways the Impact Can be Seen


If you’re really a developer or a mobile app development company looking to expand its scope and exposure across mobile applications, utilizing Blockchain opens a lot of possibilities. This kind of technique offers greater versatility and capability, making it the platform of the future for app production.

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3 Fixes for This App May Not Be Optimized for Your Device


Downloading a new app only takes seconds. However, this operation may fail with the error “this app may not be optimized for your device”. This is an annoying thing.

What does it mean if an app may not be optimized for your device? When encountering this error, you cannot install the app successfully and you must deal with it although it is not frequent to occur.

The error is likely to appear if the app you are installing is not supported by your device. It may not occur immediately, but some features of the app can’t work. Or this issue may happen when running an app on your device that doesn’t support the screen resolution required.

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Shop Online Specialty Fittings, Pneumatics


Get Specialty Fittings, Pneumatics, other quality machine parts, accessories at 10-70% discounts. Manufactured as per original OEM specs. Our products are laser machine compatible. We provide high-quality products sourced from reputable industry suppliers. Browse this category to find laser parts that are compatible with your machinery.

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